Kerrang Review

We were delighted to find out that George Garner, Deputy Editor of Kerrang Magazine, attended one of our UK Tour gigs. Here’s a review he wrote after seeing us:

“Pearl Jem are not only the greatest Pearl Jam covers band I could ever expect to witness, they are the greatest covers band I ever expect to see full stop. But that word, ‘covers’ does them an injustice. Pearl Jem are not a mere ‘covers band’. They don’t simply cover Pearl Jam’s songs or imitate them. Everything they do seemingly stems from a profound reverence for Pearl Jam’s history and the art of live performance itself. Pearl Jem tap into Pearl Jam’s spirit.

They honour their complete discography. They play far past the point in the night where many bands fear to. They have a razor-sharp understanding of what these particular songs mean – both to themselves and their audience. They know – like any 10 Club member – that the deep cuts matter as much as, if not more than, the hits. They know it’s ultimately the crowd and their response that will determine the spontaneous new shapes familiar songs will take on any given night. That’s why Pearl Jem are, without a doubt, as close to the real thing as a Pearl Jam fan could ever dream of.”


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Styled by Kelvin Farrell